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Nuit Blanche Saturday 23 Saturday 2023

Nuit Blanche is back and bigger than ever with installations across the city including our lovely Danforth East neighbourhood! Find incredible new installations and look out for the return of the neon pink coyotes as well as shops staying open late.

We'll be open til 10pm with the best tunes spinning as well as our prize-wheel giving away up to 20% off every purchase


Choose Your Adventure

Shop Handmade or Shop Vintage? Now you can choose your own adventure and search for the exact thing you're after.

If you're looking for vintage housewares, collectibles, decor and more, choose the Shop Vintage tab above. Searching for a unique handcrafted gift? Choose Shop Handmade and shop our selection of unique locally crafted goods.

Local customers can choose local pickup for handmade goods, or enter coupon code LocalPickup at checkout for vintage goods.

At the Handwork Department we have a little bit of everything, but even that may be an understatement.  

With two full floors of vintage/antique/retro and locally handmade goods, it really is a place to be experienced in person, here we can only give a mere glimpse.

Beautifully curated with a welcoming relaxed vibe, vinyl spinning and friendly smiles, come on in, walk around, and get lost in nostalgia!

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