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The Little Vintage Shop That Could


Back in 2015 we got a helping hand from the Danforth East Community Association to get our foot in the door with a three month tiny pop-up shop and since then The Handwork Department has been unstoppable.

After an amazing 3 month experience we found a permanent home on the Danforth and started to build the business.  After 3 great years the business (inventory) had outgrown even that space, and it was time to move on up once more.  Loving the neighbourhood and our neighbours, we didn't want to move far so we moved just three stores down.

This is the space we currently inhabit at four times the size with two full floors of retail space, but it required quite a bit of elbow grease to get it in top shape.  After a long month of hard work renovating, we were ready to open and have kept updating different areas to include new touches of rustic charm like our handcrafted (by us!) ladder shelving, and different display areas

With the additional space we were able to expand our selection of locally crafted works, and have been busy buying and consigning local jewellery, accessories, artwork, craft kits, soaps, and more. As creatives ourselves, we know the amount of effort that goes in to crafting these items and never charge artists rent to display their goods.

We love this shop and know you will too. Hope to see you soon!